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Eliakim Thorpe is a highly sought-after speaker, serial entrepreneur, nationally-acclaimed leadership culture expert, author, and a leading authority on organizational transformation known for his highly-valuable content, designed to take leaders to the next level of every organization with "immediately-applicable" tools for maximum leadership success.

Eliakim helps CEO's, Executives, and business leaders install, implement, and execute a leadership culture strategy to develop effective, productive, and efficient teams- now more than ever in a competitive global economy. He is the creator of the T.H.R.I.V.I.N.G. Leader which is both a philosophy and a systematic process that Eliakim has developed to help Executives, CEO's, and business leaders create frameworks to becomimg transformational leaders with externally- and internally-centered, purpose-driven, solution-focused, service-oriented and profit-savvy organizations with employees who are innovatively positioned to create lasting change within the company and in the world.

Eliakim draws from his experience building businesses as an entrepreneur, working with, and consulting for, Fortune 10 to Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Whirlpool, General Motors, Chrysler, Pfizer and many others; and finally, he's helped business leaders, authors, consultants and experts raise their game and deliver their highest value.

Eliakim has always worked with a multi-disciplinary mindset within the arena's of entrepreneurship, business, speaking, technology, and professional services. Eliakim has worked for multi-national, multi-billion dollar organizations like Whirlpool & IBM which remain on the Fortune 500 list year-after-year where he served as a cross-functional leader working with global teams on varying projects as a Lead Network Engineer.

Eliakim has also been seen, quoted, and featured across many media platforms providing high-value content as a thought-leader in leadership and organizational development. In addition, Eliakim has had the distinct pleasure of serving on non-profit organizations who's seen him as a leader in both business and the community. 

If only I could be less: Hooked on all things ESPN

Can't live without: Beaches & Books

My biggest pet peeve: Slow drivers (I know, I know, I am an aggressive driver!!)

I never grow tired of: Vacations

Music I can't get enough of:

1970's R&B & Soul (by far the best music of any era LOL!)

Old School Hip Hop (1980's - 1990's)

The Secret Garden by Quincy Jones (oh yeah, I am a lover and not a fighter LOL!)

Can You Stand the Rain by New Edition

Marvin Gaye

Currently listening to:

Marsha Ambrosius

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Various Christian bands and Gospel music groups

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